Neave Tetris

Neave Tetris 1.0

Enjoy this fun and brain-friendly game and enjoy the trip to the 80s
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This is the classic Tetris for hardcore fans who loved this game back in the 80s. You can play Neave Tetris at any time in its online flash version, or download it and install in your system. This game will put you to think a little of how to match the pieces in the right way so the horizontal lines disappear from the board. As you already know, time runs quicker as you advance though the game levels, and the falling speed of the pieces increases bit by bit. If you're an expert, you'll have some fun; if you're not, then you better learn to think quickly.

You play the game with the arrows keys of the keyboard. "Left" and "right" move the piece in the corresponding direction; the up arrow is the one used to flip the piece when necessary. You are supposed to place pieces in such a way that they compose a full horizontal line, which is then eliminated; or else they will begin to pile up until they reach the top of the board and the game will be over.

Enjoy this fun and brain-friendly game and remember those decades as if you were back in time when Tetris was one of the games of the moment and it entertained grown-ups and kids alike.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Makes you think
  • Enhances reflexes and eye coordination


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